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Winter Warmers – Fireplace Inserts & Mantels

It’s time to embrace the heritage renovation trend and warm up your home.

Our last Winter Warmer post looked at the Outdoor Retreat and the Post Covid renovation trend to develop an oasis at home to enjoy.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

This week we are taking a look at the Heritage Renovation trend. 

No one understands more than us Victorians, the impact of your home environment during the months of being stuck inside.  This winter we are thankful to be living in a less Covid dominated season, yet home is still our haven and never have more home improvement ideas been bandied around than the past 12 months! 

We spent more time in our homes than ever before in 2020 and it got us itching to take to the tools and spruce things up. We expect to see a big trend towards renovating in 2021 and in particular, embracing heritage features with retrofit fireplaces.

Richard Miller (Architect)

Post COVID Renovation Trends

It has been suggested the trend for retrofitting fire places into your heritage renovation is due to new clean air regulations and how easy it has become as more take to the trend and services are available to complete the projects.  Why have the cleaning required with traditional open fires if we can have the heat and aesthetics without it?

In some way, the fireplace is an element of a past life, part of the memories of distant times when this fabulous concentration of fire possessed incredible magnetism for everyone nearby. Today, the fireplace’s functional significance can be considered partially lost, but it remains a symbol of comfort and warmth for a hospitable and loving home.

For Californian Bungalow owners or Victorian period homes, the fireplace plays a special place in the focus of a room and the heart of the home.  Sell4You have a wide range of period fire inserts that will make your space feel special again and provide a clean burning environment with easy adaption to gas for 2021 living.

Mantelpieces and Fire Surrounds

“We’re also anticipating the return of the mantelpiece.”

Richard Miller (Architect)

Whether you’re renovating a heritage or period home and want to stay true to the home’s period design or you’re looking to give your new fireplace design a traditional look, the mantel surround will ensure your space retains its charm and appeal.

“In the decorative schemes of the Victorian period, the stone colour generally denoted the function of the room. Light coloured stones such as White Carrara marble were generally used in the Sitting Room and Bedrooms, whilst the Study and Dining Room were usually furnished with a dark coloured marble fireplace. Additionally, the size of a Victorian fireplace relied upon the size and purpose of the room. The front parlour or other areas that received guests would be fitted with the grandest fireplace and mantel. Simpler designs were reserved for main bedrooms, while smaller bedrooms and servant quarters would feature the most basic cast iron fireplace surrounds.”

Richard Ellis Design

We have a range of Stone and Marble Mantelpieces and Fireplace Surrounds available, along with our recommended Stonemason (a.k.a. The Marble Magician), the most incredible restoration can be completed with a Salvaged Marble Surround giving you a stunning final finish for a portion of the cost from new.  


The ideal solution doesn’t have to be far out of reach after all!   Why  not make it happen this winter. Check out our options of salvaged products to get the ideas rolling and see how economical the project can be!

The Timber Fireplace surround offers a versatile option for updating colour and features in a room dramatically and within budget.

If a Marble fire surround and mantel is simply not in the budget a more affordable and still simply stunning solution is the Timber Mantel and Surround. 

Period can be sympathetically be incorporated into your focal point by shape and details.  Provide some artistic license by painting or downplaying or enhancing features to suit your taste and style.

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