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Our Latest Salvage Property – Malvern

Our latest salvage property is a gorgeous home filled with some beautiful features just waiting to be re-homed.  This once grand beauty features many classic elements from stunning brass pendant lighting, Colonial style sash windows to External and Internal French Doors with Brass Cremone Bolt Looks.

Due to major renovations very soon, this home provides a wonderful opportunity for you to now create or extend classic elegance within your own home or conservatory.  Here’s a taste of just some of our favourite features we can’t miss highlighting.

French doors

This property has a beautiful Colonial style and it doesn’t disappoint with the volume of colonial style salvage doors and windows. From single colonial doors through to bi-folding colonial style doors, the most favoured items are the stunning internal Colonial French Doors With Brass Cremone Bolt Locks. There are two matching sets of Colonial French doors available to salvage from this property as well as several other sets of Internal & External French doors. This makes a perfect opportunity to salvage more than just a single item to complete your project.

Colonial Style French Doors from current Property ref: 2h

Colonial Sash Windows

This home boasts several Colonial style sash windows for a lovely timeless and cohesive look throughout your project.

Chandelier/ Pendant lighting

Any home with this stature certainly deserves some lighting features to complement it. The pendant lighting from Malvern Property (2h) meets every expectation. We have some brilliant Brass chandeliers and ornate pendant lights to bring you.

Pendant Light, 6 Arm Brass Ornate Chandelier
Pendant Light, Brass Dragon Design With Oval Glass Shade

Modern Front Door

If you’re looking for a Modern Front Door with a statement, then look no further than this grand piece at our Malvern salvage property. This Contemporary Black Timber Front Door includes Brass Feature Pull Handles, a Dorma door plate/opening system and is made from vertical timber panels that have been painted black. At 1000mm wide x 2135mm high x 90mm thick, this is a great opening feature for any home.

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