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Demolition or Renovation Services in Melbourne

Planning a demolition or renovation and want to turn your waste into wealth?

Sell4You is the ultimate ‘renovator’s delight’, helping you transform your surplus into savings!

As your trusted renovation partner, Sell4You extracts value from your property pre-demolition or pre-renovation. We identify salvageable goods, preventing them from ending up in landfill, and reward you with cash in the process. Before the bulldozers arrive, we step in to save items that can find a new life. This approach saves you time, earns money, and contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Salvage Items

Savvy renovators understand the costs associated with renovations. The clever ones choose to offset demolition, skip, and tipping expenses through Sell4You’s streamlined processes that takes items from site and turns them into sales.

Site Collection

Meet with a Sell4You team member on-site for a comprehensive appraisal of your items. We liaise with your demolition and construction teams to coordinate seamless removal.

Sale Process

Sell4You crafts professional and engaging advertisements for high-traffic websites, managing all enquiries, feedback, and transactions on your behalf.

Shipping and Logistics

Once an item is sold, Sell4You takes care of collection or delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the client. Choosing to salvage goods from pre-renovation building sites brings multiple benefits – it minimises landfill, reduces skip hire/tipping costs, and generates cash!

Melbourne Salvage Services for Builders and Tradespeople – Are you a builder or tradesperson in Melbourne burdened by excessive tipping fees?

Tired of the costs associated with skip hire and storage of salvaged items that are ‘too good for the tip’, but find yourself short on time to turn them into cash?

Like many builders, you may be astounded by what gets discarded, yet lack the time or space to sell, reuse, or recycle these valuable items. That’s where Sell4You can assist. As a Melbourne-based salvage service, we manage all aspects of salvage from pre-renovation and demolition sites. We are experienced in on-site logistics and collaborate with builders and contractors to efficiently and conveniently remove salvageable items, list, and sell them online.

Storage Solutions at Our Moorabbin Warehouse – We also offer storage solutions at our warehouse in Moorabbin, keeping items off-site and out of the way during the building process. By managing the entire salvage, online selling, and shipping process for you or your clients, we:

    1. Minimize the time contractors spend handling and managing waste.
    2. Remove and store items that are too valuable to discard.
    3. Reduce the need for skip bins.
    4. Minimise tipping fees.
    5. Contribute to reducing landfill.
    6. Increase the renovation budget.
    7. Generate cash for you or your client!

At Sell4You, we’re not just about salvage; we’re about creating value and promoting sustainable practices in the building industry.

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