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Winter Warmers – Outdoor Fireplaces

As the winter weather starts to roll in, who wants to give up spending time outside?

The ideal solution doesn’t have to be far out of reach after all!  We have a selection of Gas fire inserts to suit outdoor spaces you may be consider including a Fireplace setting.  It can really extend the enjoyment for more of the year, from a space you have potentially already spent time investing in a home retreat feel.

Post COVID Renovation Trends

“…the biggest design trend to come out of the “post COVID renovation mania” is the outdoor living space and “cooking fires are at the heart of all this, where the great flavours of a wood-fired BBQ meet the comforts of roaring fire”. 

Richard Miller (Architect)

We all want to feel like we are living our own resort style backyard. 

Incorporating a focal point to your backyard area with a fire place is the start to creating something special.  Great outdoor furniture completes the setting with a comfortable and inviting space for you to retreat to all year round.

Why  not make it happen this winter. Check out our options of salvaged products to get the ideas rolling and see how economical the project can be!

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