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We all love the beauty and charm of a Californian bungalow. The charming features will never go out of style and not to mention the quality craftsmanship. They just don’t build like they used to.   We have salvaged from this original 1910s Essendon home some exquisite leadlight features such as a stunning Leadlight Bay Window with matching triple pane Leadlight window.

Bungalow Gem

Original Leadlight Bay Window

Original Leadlight Front Entrance Set

Make a statement with this stunning leadlight Front Entrance Set. The door features the traditional Californian Bungalow shelf on the front door and the side leadlight windows are casement opening to let the air flow. Then there is the security door with matching side panels if you are looking for that added security.

Original Californian Bungalow Features

We have salvaged some great original pieces from this home

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